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Movie night?

Show The Current at your church, youth group, school, etc., with a license for public showings. A special event like a movie night can be a great way to share The Current's message of God's love, grace, and guidance with those who need to hear it.

If the story of The Current moves you and you'd like to share it through a showing at your church, youth group, child's school, etc., (or some other venue outside of your home), you can obtain a public performance license by clicking the links at the bottom of this page.

As with all movies -- by law -- a movie license is required for any group showing outside of personal home use (regardless of whether admission is charged). Federal Copyright law requires written permission for any showing of a movie occurring outside of personal, home use. This licensing program fulfills the Federal Copyright requirements for churches and non-profits. The Current is not covered by any other licensing program, such as CVLI or any other umbrella license program.

This is the only licensing program that fulfills these requirements.

We include with each license a packet which includes 8-10 mini posters that can be used to advertise the event as well as a pamphlet with discussion questions in case you want to use the movie to generate large or small group discussions. The license allows up to 5 showings in a 12 month period.

The license costs are determined by the Average Weekly Attendance of the church exhibiting it. Average Weekly Attendance is a self-choice option based on the average number of adults attending the church at the main service(s). This licensing allows for showings without requiring an audience report for each showing and is based on potential audience.

1-100 = $99

101-1000 = $199

1001+ = $299

We are also open to a simple free-will offering if your church is more comfortable doing it that way. Just let us know.